Today more and more parents are carrying their baby, toddler or older child in a baby sling or a baby carrier. This has become known as babywearing and it is great for parents and babies. Found out more about babywearing in general at Babywearing UK, or if you'd like to train to help others find a sling or carriers that suit them, visit the School of Babywearing. There are slingmeets, sling libraries and Babywearng Consultants across the UK who can also help - find one near you.

Using a baby carrier isn't simply a convenient mode of transportation, it offers numerous benefits to babies such as comfort, stimulation and even promotes healthy physical development. Parents have their hands free to continue their daily activities while giving their youngster the attention he or she needs to thrive.

Slings and Baby Carriers is here to help you choose the right carrier for your family.



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